Keyboard Shortcuts

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Open Dental has some keyboard shortcuts to help navigate the program.

General Shortcuts:

Shortcut Action
Shift + F1 Open the Open Dental Manual search page (
Alt + F Open the File menu.
Alt + S Open the Setup menu.
Alt + L Open the Lists menu.
Alt + R Open the Reports menu.
Alt + T Open the Tools menu.
Alt + C
  • Open the Clinics menu.
  • When in a window, selects the Cancel or Close button.
Alt + E Open the eServices Setup window.
Alt + A Open the Alerts menu.
Alt + H Open the Help menu.
Alt + O
  • Logs off Open Dental.
  • When in a window, selects the OK button.
Ctrl + D Inserts date into a text box.
Ctrl + P
  • Opens the Select Patient window.
  • When in the Imaging Module, and a PDF is selected, opens the print window.
Ctrl + Q When in a note box, opens the Quick Paste Notes window.
Ctrl + X Open the Referrals for Patient window.
Ctrl + Shift + C Open the Contacts window.
Ctrl + Shift + F Open the Procedure Codes window.
Ctrl + Shift + W Open the Wiki.
Esc Close the active Open Dental window, unless it is a module window (e.g., Account Module, Manage Module). Most changes are not saved.
  • When in the Appointments Module, cycles through Appointment Views.
  • When in the Chart Module, cycles through Chart Views.

When in the Edit Appointment window:

Shortcut Action
s Select Save. When cursor is not selected in a note box or drop-down menu, close the window and save changes.

Menu Shortcuts:

Shortcut Action
Up / Down When a menu is open, move up or down the list.
Left / Right When a menu is open, move to the submenu if one exists.
Any Character Jump to the next entry in the menu starting with that character.

Alt Shortcuts:

In any window, tap the Alt key on the keyboard to show any buttons that have Alt + [Character] shortcuts. Available character shortcuts are underlined.

For example for the Prompt List window shown above, the following shortcuts are valid: