Middle Tier Troubleshooting

See Middle Tier.

Below are some common problems with the installation and maintenance of Middle Tier.

What is my URI?

The URI is composed of four parts:

Error Messages

These errors are an indicator that Enable 32-Bit Applications is turned off. Refer to step 3e on Middle Tier Installation.

Some issues can arise when using a Middle Tier server between different time zones. See Time Zones.

Error: System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: There was an exception running the extensions specified in the config file.

Open Dental is trying to send too much data over middle tier in one function call. Either the data was not serialized correctly or the function itself needs to be rewritten to do more client side processing before sending a request for data to the middle tier.

Note: The maxRequestLength value is in kilobytes while the maxAllowedContentLength is in bytes.

  1. Open the IIS Manager and select the OpenDentalServer site in the object browser.
  2. Double-click on the Configuration Editor.
  3. Use the Section drop down at the top of the Configuration Editor to select the system.web/httpRuntime section
  4. Modify the maxRequestLength attribute and click Apply on the right.
  5. Use the Section drop down at the top of the Configuration Editor to select the system.webServer/security/requestFiltering section.
  6. Expand the requestLimits attribute, modify the maxAllowedContentLength value, and click Apply on the right.

After making these edits it may be necessary to restart the site by selecting the server name in the object browser on the left and selecting Restart under the Manage Website section on the right.