Net Unearned Income Report

This Unearned Income Report shows families with patients that have unearned income payments collected and no unallocated procedures.

In Unearned Income Reports, click the Net Unearned Income tab.

Patients on this report need to have treatment scheduled to allocate the payment or have a refund issued.

Note: To determine user access to these reports, see Report Setup: Security Permissions. The Unearned Income reports use the Complex Report System.

Exclude families with a net $0.00 unearned income balance: Determines if families where the net unearned income balance is $0.00 are included in the report.

Unearned Types: Select the unearned types to include. Check All to include all unearned types. Unearned types can be set up in Definitions: PaySplit Unearned Types.

Providers: Filter report by patients' primary providers. Check All to include all providers.

Clinics: Filter report by patients' assigned clinic. Check All (Includes hidden) to select all clinics, including those that are hidden, and include patients not assigned to a clinic.

Click OK to generate the report.