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For ordinary scanning that does not require transparencies, nearly any scanner will work with the Imaging Module. We do all testing on Epson WF-845 (or greater) scanners/printers and use them in-house with no issues. We highly recommend Epson products.

Known to work for duplex (multi-page) scanning:

Several customers have had success with the Epson Workforce DS-510 Color Document Scanner. (6/1/2017)

The following scanners are ones that are known to NOT work well:

Transparency Scanners

We do not test or directly link to any transparency scanners. So, to use a transparency scanner, you will have to scan using the scanner software and then import the image into Open Dental. Do some investigating to find out which scanner will work best for you.

These scanners are not native transparency scanners, but might work. Inquire with Fujitsu about carrier sheets and how that works when scanning transparencies.

The models below are known to have a large enough transparency adapter to be used with panos, but may no longer be available (discontinued).

Troubleshooting Scanners