Slow Query Log

See: MySQL

The slow query log tool is used to read the slow query log when troubleshooting slowness in Open Dental.

In the Open Dental application folder, double-click SlowQueryLogTool.

The slow query log tool is used by Open Dental support when Troubleshooting Slowness issues. Contact Open Dental support to determine if the log is needed for your office.

Slow Query Log Tool

Use the Slow Query Log Tool to review data from the slow query log. The log must be first be created. See below for details.


Create the Slow Query Log

To utilize the tool, first enable to Slow Query Log to gather data.

  1. In the my.ini file, [mysqld] section, add the following 2 lines:



  2. Save and close the my.ini file.
  3. Restart the MySQL service.
  4. The file will be created in the mysql/data folder (named servername-slow.log).
  5. Continue using Open Dental as normal. The log will track queries run during this usage time.
  6. When enough data is collected, move the file to the mysql/backups folder. If a backups folder does not already exist, create one.
  7. Enter the path of the mysql/backups folder to the File Path field (see above).
  8. Use the Slow Query Log Tool to examine the log for a recurring pattern of slow queries.

When the slow query log is no longer needed:

  1. In the my.ini file, remove the two lines added above.
  2. Restart the MySQL service.