Supernumerary Teeth

Patients with supernumerary teeth can have procedures charted and sent to insurance using the process below.

  1. Chart procedure as normal.
  2. On the Procedure, change the tooth number.
    • For supernumerary teeth:
      • US users: Valid values are 51-82 and AS-TS
      • Canada and Foreign users: Valid value is 99.
    • Permanent supernumerary tooth numbers add 50 to the tooth number (tooth 1 = 51).
    • Primary supernumerary tooth numbers add an S (tooth A = AS).
  3. Click OK and send procedure to insurance.

Procedures for supernumerary teeth do not show on the graphical tooth chart, but they do get billed to insurance. To show a supernumerary tooth on the graphical tooth chart use the Draw tool to draw in a tooth.