Supply Orders

The purpose of this feature is to track supply orders.

In the Supply Inventory window, click Orders.

New Order: Select a Supplier from the dropdown, then click New Order to create a new pending order.

Show received: Check to show received orders.

Supplier: Use dropdown to filter the list by supplier, or to select the supplier for new orders.

The Order History grids lists pending and recent orders. Double-click an order to open Supply Order edit window.

The Supplies on One Order grid lists all the associated supplies for the highlighted order in Order History.

Add: Click to add supplies to the selected order.

Supply Order

Double-click an order to open the Supply Order window. From here, track or update details about a specific recent or pending order.

Add a New Order

Click the Supplier dropdown and select a supplier. Click New Order. A new pending order will show in the Order History list, and it should be highlighted. Click Add and select the supply. Click OK, then repeat until all supplies are added and the order is complete. As you add supplies, the items will list in the Supplies on one Order grid.

Note: Items manually added to an order will default to a quantity of one and the price from the main supply list. Edit as required.

Once all items have been added, double-click on the pending order in the Order History. Edit as required. The Total Amount automatically calculates based on price and quantity entered. Any shipping charges can also be recorded. Enter a note if desired.