API AccountModules

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AccountModules GET PatientBalances

Version Added: 22.1

Gets the patient portion for a patient's family, similarly to how it shows in the Account Module's Select Patient grid.

PatNum: Required in the URL.

Returned fields are detailed below:

PatNum: The patient's PatNum / family guarantor's PatNum.
Name: The first and last name of the patient, or "Entire Family" when regarding the total patient portion of the family.
Balance: The balance of the patient/entire family.

Example Request:
GET /accountmodules/16/PatientBalances

Example Response:
"PatNum": 15,
"Name": "Smith, John",
"Balance": 140.2
"PatNum": 16,
"Name": "Smith, Jane",
"Balance": 180.55
"PatNum": 17,
"Name": "Smith, Junior",
"Balance": 68
"PatNum": 18,
"Name": "Smith, Sis",
"Balance": 0
"PatNum": 15,
"Name": "Entire Family",
"Balance": 388.75