API Commlogs

See API Specification

Commlogs GET

Version Added: 21.1

Get all commlogs for a patient.

PatNum: Required.

Example Request:
GET /commlogs?PatNum=15

Example Response:
"CommlogNum": 2,
"PatNum": 15,
"CommDateTime": "2021-02-07 03:25:29",
"CommType": "239",
"commType": "Misc",
"Note": "Left msg on answering machine",
"Mode_": "Phone",
"SentOrReceived": "Sent"
"CommlogNum": 1,
"PatNum": 15,
"CommDateTime": "2021-02-07 03:09:00",
"CommType": "236",
"commType": "Insurance",
"Note": "Note for John Smith",
"Mode_": "Mail",
"SentOrReceived": "Received"

Commlogs POST (create)

Version Added: 21.1

Creates a commlog for the patient.

PatNum: Required.
Note: Required.

CommDateTime: Optional. String in "yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss" format. Default now.
CommType: Optional. definition.DefNum where definition.Category=27. Default Miscellaneous.
commType: Optional. definition.ItemName where definition.Category=27. Will be used over CommType if both are specified.
Mode_: Either "None", "Email", "Mail", "Phone", "In Person", "Text", "Email and Text", or "Phone and Text". Default "Phone".
SentOrReceived: Either "Neither", "Sent", or "Received". Default "Sent".

Specify the commlog type by using either the CommType or commType field, not both. If both are present in the JSON, the CommType field will be used.

Example Requests:
POST /commlogs

"PatNum": 15,
"Note": "Left msg on answering machine"

"PatNum": 30,
"commType": "ApptRelated",
"CommDateTime": "2021-01-01 11:19:00",
"Mode_": "Text",
"SentOrReceived": "Received",
"Note": "Appointment confirmed for 9:15am."

Example Response:
201 Created
(no "location" Header or object because we don't support GET single commlogs)