API InsVerifies

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InsVerifies PUT

Version Added: 21.1

Updates an insurance verification. Sets the date that either a patient's insurance eligibility or an insurance plan's benefits were last verified. As with all insverify entries in our database, historical entries are always retained in the insverifyhist table. See Insurance Verification List for more information on insurance verification.

DateLastVerified: Required. String in "yyyy-MM-dd" format.
VerifyType: Required. Can be either "PatientEnrollment" to verify a patient's insurance eligibility, or "InsuranceBenefit" to verify an insurance plan's benefits.
FKey: Required. If "PatientEnrollment" was passed in for VerifyType, then FKey must be a valid patplan.PatPlanNum. If "InsuranceBenefit" was passed in for VerifyType, FKey must be a valid insplan.PlanNum.
DefNum: Optional. Must be a valid DefNum where definition.Category=38.

Example Request:
PUT /insverifies

"DateLastVerified": "2022-09-27",
"VerifyType": "PatientEnrollment",
"FKey": 325,
"DefNum": 721

Example Response:
200 OK
400 BadRequest (with explanation)