API Recalls

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Recalls PUT Status

Version Added: 21.2

Updates the RecallStatus on a patient's recall. This status describes the recall reminder itself, and not the status of the resulting appointment. To instead change an appointment's status, use Appointments PUT Confirm. A commlog for the patient is also created with CommType.Recall, Mode_.None, and note with "Recall reminder" and the new RecallStatus.

PatNum: Required.
recallType: Required. Either "Prophy", "ChildProphy", or "Perio".
RecallStatus: Any definition.DefNum where Definition.Category=13. Leave blank to set status to "None".
commlogMode: Optional. Either "None", "Email", "Mail", "Phone", "In Person", "Text", or "Email and Text".
commlogNote: Optional. This text will be used instead of the default commlog.Note.

Example Requests:
PUT /recalls/Status

"PatNum": 71,
"recallType": "Prophy",
"RecallStatus": 312,
"commlogMode": "Phone",
"commlogNote": "Patient out of town until 08/30/2021."

"PatNum": 46,
"recallType": "Perio"

Example Response:
200 OK
400 BadRequest (Invalid Fields)
404 NotFound "Patient not found", "Patient does not have any recalls", or "Patient does not have a recall of the specified RecallType".