API Recalls

See API Specification

Recalls GET List

Version Added: 22.1

Gets the Recall List similar to how it's shown in the Appointment Module when you click on Lists and select Recalls.

RecallType selection is dependant upon Recall Setup. RecallTypes are stored in CSV format in the RecallTypesShowingInList preference. That preference stores the primary keys from the RecallType table. This information can be retrieved using GET preferences?PrefName=RecallTypesShowingInList.

URL Search Parameters:

DateStart: Due date range. String in "yyyy-mm-dd" format. Default is based on RecallDaysPast preference.
DateEnd: Due date range. String in "yyyy-mm-dd" format. Default is based on RecallDaysFuture preference.
ProvNum: Provider. Default is all providers. Will consider PriProv and SecProv.
ClinicNum: Clinic. Default is all clinics. Use 0 for "Unassigned".
RecallType: Typically either "Prophy" or "Perio". Default is all RecallTypes stored in the preference.
IncludeReminded: Show patients that have already received reminders. Either "true" or "false". Default is false.

Returned fields are detailed below:

DueDate: The date the recall is due. Based off previously completed recall procedures or insurance history. If blank, the patient has never had a recall procedure set complete.
PatNum: Patient.PatNum.
Patient: Patient's name. Last, First.
Age: Patient's Age.
Type: RecallType due.
Interval: The length of time between each recall appointment for the recall type.
NumRemind: The number of reminders sent since the patient's last recall appointment.
LastRemind: The date the last reminder was sent.
Contact: The patient's Preferred Recall Method.
Status: Recall communication about a patient's unscheduled recall appointment. Example "Left Msg".
ClinicNum: ClinicNum of clinic patient is assigned to. Will be 0 if not using Clinics.
Note: Administrative note.

Example Request:
GET /recalls/List?Offset=200
GET /recalls/List?IncludeReminded=true

Example Response:
"DueDate": "3/16/2022",
"PatNum": 15,
"Patient": "Strickler, Trent",
"Age": "38",
"Type": "Pano",
"Interval": "6m1d",
"NumRemind": "",
"LastRemind": "",
"Contact": "Text:(541)555-1234",
"Status": "",
"ClinicNum": 5,
"Note": ""
"DueDate": "1/10/2022",
"PatNum": 42,
"Patient": "Lehrer, 'Andy' Tom",
"Age": "29",
"Type": "Exam",
"Interval": "6m1d",
"NumRemind": "1",
"LastRemind": "11/4/2021",
"Contact": "meandu@earth.com",
"Status": "",
"ClinicNum": 4,
"Note": ""

200 OK
400 BadRequest (with explanation)
404 NotFound (with explanation)

Recalls PUT Status

Version Added: 21.2

Updates the RecallStatus on a patient's recall. This status describes the recall reminder itself, and not the status of the resulting appointment. To instead change an appointment's status, use Appointments PUT Confirm. A commlog for the patient is also created with CommType.Recall, Mode_.None, and note with "Recall reminder" and the new RecallStatus.

PatNum: Required.
recallType: Required. Typically either "Prophy" or "Perio". RecallType is dependant upon Recall Setup and Recall Types.
RecallStatus: Optional. Any definition.DefNum where Definition.Category=13. Use 0 set status to "None".
commlogMode: Optional. Either "None", "Email", "Mail", "Phone", "InPerson", "Text", "EmailAndText", or "PhoneAndText".
commlogNote: Optional. This text will be used instead of the default commlog.Note.

Example Requests:
PUT /recalls/Status

"PatNum": 71,
"recallType": "Prophy",
"RecallStatus": 312,
"commlogMode": "Phone",
"commlogNote": "Patient out of town until 08/30/2021."

"PatNum": 46,
"recallType": "Perio"

Example Response:
200 OK
400 BadRequest (with explanation)
404 NotFound (with explanation)