API Reports

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Reports GET Aging

Version Added: 21.4

Gets the Aging Report for all patients. DateAsOf is an optional parameter that defaults to today's date.

Returned fields are detailed below:

PatNum: The PatNum of the guarantor.
patName: The guarantor's first and last name.
Bal_0_30: The balance that is up to 30 days past due.
Bal_31_60: The balance that is 31-60 days past due.
Bal_61_90: The balance that is 61-90 days past due.
BalOver90: The balance that is greater than 90 days past due.
BalTotal: The total amount owed by the family before insurance.
InsWoEst: The insurance write-off estimate amount based on procedures attached to the claim.
InsPayEst: The total estimated insurance payment amount.
PatientPortion: BalTotal - InsPayEst - InsWoEst.

Example Requests:
GET /reports/Aging
GET /reports/Aging?DateAsOf=2020-07-30
GET /reports/Aging?Offset=200

Example Response:
"PatNum": 11,
"patName": "Allowed, Allen ",
"Bal_0_30": 0,
"Bal_31_60": 0,
"Bal_61_90": 0,
"BalOver90": 370,
"BalTotal": 370,
"InsWoEst": 0,
"InsPayEst": 265,
"PatientPortion": 105
"PatNum": 13,
"patName": "Copay, Candi ",
"Bal_0_30": 0,
"Bal_31_60": 0,
"Bal_61_90": 0,
"BalOver90": 140,
"BalTotal": 140,
"InsWoEst": 30,
"InsPayEst": 35,
"PatientPortion": 75