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DoseSpot eRx Feature

DoseSpot is a method of sending electronic prescriptions in Open Dental. It is an internet based, secure ePrescribing system. DoseSpot integrates with Open Dental using a program link and offers two-way medication syncing. DoseSpot also includes integration with Lexicomp Online for Dentistry. It is only available in the United States and its territories.


What are the features?

  • Access to Lexicomp Online for Dentistry, a database of dental-specific drug information.
  • Two-way medication syncing.
  • Intuitive UI that is easy to use.
  • Notifications for pending prescriptions and refills for the logged-on provider.
  • Surescripts and Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS) certified.

Contact Open Dental Support to register. The registration process can take up to two business days to complete. When DoseSpot is enabled, the eRx button in Open Dental shows notifications for needed actions by the prescriber.

Practices new to ePrescribing: Enable DoseSpot and begin sending ePrescriptions.
Practices already using eRx:
Practices using Legacy eRx can choose to switch to DoseSpot (recommended) or continue using Legacy.

When can I sign up?
DoseSpot integration is available in Version 17.4.12 and greater. Update to the latest stable version before using. See Sign up for DoseSpot.

What does it cost?
See Fees for Support and Services for pricing options.


  • A high-speed internet connection.
  • Microsoft Edge.
  • The integrated version requires a valid Open Dental registration key. The key must be active (currently on support) to enable the Dosespot integration.

A stand-alone version is available for providers who are planning to switch to Open Dental, but need electronic prescriptions available to them sooner due to new regulations. DoseSpot has a stand-alone product that you can use in the meantime, and if you sign up through Open Dental it will not be a separate contract. When you go live with Open Dental you will use an integrated product instead for new prescriptions. The two systems are distinct and data will not transfer, but you can continue to look in the stand-alone product for the older eRx data as needed. To sign up for the stand-alone product through Open Dental, call us or email eRx@opendental.com. The signup process may be a little slower because it is not automated but requires you to call us and for us to work with you.

How to enable
See Setting up DoseSpot.
DoseSpot Setup has four main parts, each with multiple steps. You must call Open Dental support to activate the service.

  1. Enable DoseSpot program link.
  2. Sign up for DoseSpot.
  3. Enable non-doctors.
  4. Complete Identity Proofing.

Also see: Required DoseSpot eRx Information

EHR Incentive Program
DoseSpot has superior features to Legacy eRx, but ePrescribing with EHR Incentive Program is only possible with Legacy eRx - Comprehensive. See Electronic Rx.

Key terms:
Clinician: The provider at the practice/clinic who has been given access to DoseSpot by Open Dental. The clinician can send prescriptions using DoseSpot.
An authorized staff member who is able to access DoseSpot to update patient records and add prescriptions that will be sent by the prescriber (the provider).
Practice Administrator: A staff member (typically an office manager) who will be the point of contact and own the DoseSpot sign up process for providers and non-doctors. This person will need admin permissions in Open Dental.
Self-reported Medications: A self-reported medication in DoseSpot is any medication that is added outside of DoseSpot. Medications added from Open Dental always show as self-reported.
Two-way medication syncing: Medications added to DoseSpot automatically list in Open Dental, and medications added in Open Dental automatically list in DoseSpot. Self-reported medications can be edited from both Open Dental and DoseSpot.


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