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EHR Objective 9: Secure Messaging

This information applies to EHR Modified Stage 2 for Program Years 2015 to 2018. For current information, see:

Measure: Send a secure electronic message, using Secure WebMail, to at least 5% of patients seen by the provider (or their authorized representative).

Exclusions Available?

Yes, if a provider has no office visits or conducts 50% of patient encounters in an area with low broadband availability.


2017 Spec Sheet (PDF)

2018 Spec Sheet (PDF)


Version 16.4 and greater: The SecureMessaging calculation was updated to track how many secure web mails are sent to patients.

  • Denominator: All unique patients with at least one completed procedure by the provider during the reporting period.

  • Numerator: The number of patients in the denominator for whom a secure web mail was sent.

Version 16.3 and earlier: Use Query Example 1201 to calculate how many patients with a completed procedure were sent a Secure WebMail for a date range, by provider. The SecureMessaging calculation in measure reports calculates how many messages a patient sends to a provider, not vice versa. This was an old stage 2 requirement.

We also recommend gathering supporting documentation that secure messaging is set up (e.g. screenshots).


Set up the Patient Portal.



We recommend capturing screenshots as supporting documentation.

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