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Plugin Whitelisting

See Plug-in Framework

Starting in Version 21.4, all plug-ins must be whitelisted or the dll will not load.


If your plug-in is not loading (because it's not whitelisted) please call us. We will need to know the exact name of the plugin. For example, "someplugin.dll". We will also need to know where you got it. We will need contact information for the vendor who created it. Once we have this information, we can temporarily whitelist it within a matter of minutes.


We have reached out to all known plug-in developers. Our contact is service@opendental.com. If you are contacting us, we will need the information below. It is possible that a follow up discussion will be needed prior to final approval.

We will need the following:

  • Company Name:
  • Contact Name:
  • Phone Number:
  • Email:
  • USA based or foreign:
  • Name of Program:
  • Name of DLL:
  • Brief Description of purpose:
  • Database Usage (i.e. are you writing to the database, inserting tables, etc):

Grace Period: If you already have an existing plug-in that has not been whitelisted, we would very likely allow a grace period of at least a few versions. We would not typically disable any plug-in without adequate advanced notice.

Open Dental Software 1-503-363-5432