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Version 11.0

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Version 11.0 was released on 9/30/2011.

EHR (electronic health record): Open Dental is now a fully certified Ambulatory EHR, and qualified providers are eligible for incentive payments. EHR.

Canadian e-claims: Open Dental is now certified with CDAnet. Canada

Mobile version: Logout button added on every window, appointment notes added in three different places, cells made slightly taller, Pharmacy list added, Allergies added. Mobile.

Ortho Chart: A grid with customizable columns where dated entries can be made at each visit. Can track things like Uwire, Lwire, Hyg, Notes, Next visit, Interval. etc Ortho Chart.

Referrals: Referrals can be added faster and with less confusion. IsDoctor field added to begin to separate professional referrals from other types. Referral window now has search box at the top and scrolling has been improved. Referral Setup.

Automation: Added action for Popups, trigger for Open Patient, and 6 conditions. Automation.

Minor Changes
Major version numbers will match year from now on.
Insurance tables normalized (patplan.PlanNum removed) for easier bug tracking. This will break some queries.
If you open multiple instances of OD, and then go to Choose Database window, correct current database will show.
eCW provider ID field added. Abbreviation can now be changed independently.
Patient fields: Checkbox type added.
Automatic logoff after a certain number of minutes.
Rx State ID field added to provider.
Lab cases window sortable by any column, has instructions column, and has print button.
GroupName added as an available field for claimforms.
Treatment Finder report, additional column for carrier, exclude patients with appointments. (enhanced on 9/22/11)

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