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Version 16.4

See Versions.

Version 16.4 was released on 3/31/2017. EHR certified 2014 edition.

Account module

  • Create and assign discount plans that use adjustments to reduce the full procedure fee (e.g. for patients that do not have insurance). Discount Plans
  • Option to email a PDF of a receipt to a patient after processing a credit card charge using PayConnect. Process a Credit Card Payment
  • EMV transaction support added for PayConnect. PayConnect
  • Invoices that use sheets have a new grid option that shows payments made the same day, payments made towards procedures on the invoice, and the remaining balance. Customize a Statement Using Sheets, Invoices
  • Invoices that use sheets have four new output fields. Customize a Statement Using Sheets
  • Statements that use sheets have option to include provider and invoice number in the StatementMain grid. Display Fields
  • Credit card token information is saved for all online payments made via the portal (whether logged in or not). Patient Portal: Online Patient Payments
  • Click an adjustment in the account ledger to highlight associated procedures. Account Module
  • If a recurring charge is denied, a declined transaction will show in the account ledger. Recurring Charges
  • Option to only view future dated line items in the payment plan Amortization Schedule. Payment Plan Window
  • Preference determines default setting for the Exclude past activity checkbox on the Payment Plan window. Account Module Preferences
  • Option to list all procedures that have not been explicitly accounted for on the Payment Plan Procedures and Credits window. Payment Plan Procedures and Credits window


Chart module

  • Filter prescription templates on the Select Prescription window by drug name or dispensed amount. Opt to show/not show controlled substances. Search for templates using multiple terms. New Rx / Write a Prescription
  • When accessing the Problem List from the Medical area, all of the patient's current, active problems are highlighted. Patient Problem List
  • Preference determines whether or not an insurance estimate is created when a procedure is entered with a previous date and status of 'complete'. Chart Module Preferences
  • Click a button to digitally sign Procedure Notes. Editing Procedures
  • Ceramic bridge autocode added to default auto codes. Procedure Code Tools
  • Procedure buttons for ceramic codes added to default procedure buttons. Procedure Code Tools


Modified Stage 2:

  • EHR dashboard enhanced to give quick and easy access to items that are required for EHR Modified Stage 2. EHR Dashboard
  • Modified Stage 2 added as a 'stage' option for global and provider meaningful use stage. Setting Your MU Stage
  • Secure Messaging calculation updated in accordance with Modified Stage 2 calculation requirements. EHR Secure Messaging


  • Generate periodic ortho claims based on a set frequency and fee using the Auto Ortho Tool.
  • All orthodontic setup options accessible on a new Ortho Setup option via Main Menu, Setup. Ortho Setup
  • New Ortho Case tab available in the Account module. Ortho Case
  • View Ortho Case information in the ortho chart. Ortho Chart
  • Enter plan information about orthodontic claims on the Edit Insurance Plan window, Ortho tab. Edit Insurance Plan window
  • Entering data on an Ortho Chart tab will populate all tabs with that date and data in corresponding columns. Ortho Chart
  • Ortho chart toolbar button has dropdown options to select specific tabs. Chart Module
  • Preference to block users from entering claim payments on claims generated using the Auto Ortho Tool. Ortho Setup


Sales Tax: Apply a sales tax adjustment, based on a percentage, to selected procedures.


  • Option to hide 'hidden' users in the Security window. Security
  • MobileWeb permission restricts users from logging in the Mobile Web. Permissions
  • PatPlanCreate permission logs an audit trail entry when a patient insurance plan is created. Permissions
  • PatPriProvEdit permission restricts users from editing a patient's primary provider. Permissions
  • PatientBillingEdit permission for changing billing type and appointment scheduling checkbox. Permissions
  • Preference to require strong passwords to also include a special character. Security
  • ReferralEdit permission restricts users from editing or deleting a referral in the Referral List. Permissions
  • Permission to edit procedure notes and signature controlled by the Edit Completed Procedure (limited) permission instead of the full. Permissions
  • Insurance Plan Edit permission is required to enter initial plan information for brand new insurance plan from the Add Family window. Enter New Patients by Family


  • Description field in Task is expandable. Create Tasks
  • Task search preference to limit search results to 50. Searching for Tasks
  • View all tasks attached to the selected patient in the Patient Tickets tab. Tasks Area
  • Open Tickets and Patient Tickets tabs renamed to Open Tasks and Patient Tasks. Tasks Area
  • Enhancements to task list cut and paste behavior. Tasks Area

Enhanced Select Patient search window to return exact matches first. Selecting Patients
Child Prophy type removed from Setup Recall and Confirmation window. Recall and Confirmation List Setup
Insurance plan information on the Edit Insurance Plan window divided into tabs. Edit Insurance Plan Window
View license information from the About window. Open Dental About Window
Emergency contact information added as importable input fields in medical history forms. Sheets: Medical History Setup
Option to store images on an FTP site using SFTP. Data Paths
Implant graphic for teeth with implants shows on the Graphical Perio Chart. Perio Chart
Teeth with implants are indicated with an 'i' in the perio chart. Perio Chart
Custom bridges can now include gender, patient's primary provider, and patient's clinic. Custom Bridges
Categorize auto notes by folder and reorder the list. Definitions: Auto Note Categories
Collapse/expand all auto notes with a checkbox. Set up Auto Notes
Only the computer that starts an update and admin computers can override an 'update in progress'. Updating Open Dental Versions
Procedure Code Tools warnings show before running a tool that will overwrite customized settings. Procedure Code Tools
Plug-in framework enhanced with virtual exception method. Plug In Framework
Choose where custom patient fields and custom appointment fields show. Custom Patient Fields, Custom Appointment Fields
Line numbers in the wiki scroll with the code text. Wiki Page Add/Edit
Speed enhancements to appointment views. Appointments
Subscribe users to alerts in the CEMT. CEMT Security
Search options added to the Problem List window. Problem List
A middle tier server can host multiple database connections.
Kiosk manager identifies each kiosk by computer name and session name. Launch the Kiosk
Enhancements to keyboard controls for auto notes. Using Auto Notes
Construct a web form URL that links multiple forms together, creates a redirect, and/or associates a clinic. Upload Web Forms
Update web forms without changing the URL. Upload Web Forms
Update the claim tracking status for multiple claims at once using the Outstanding Claims Report. Outstanding Insurance Claims Report
EDS clearinghouse uses web calls to retrieve dental claims. Electronic Dental Services
New automation trigger and action can restrict ability to schedule appointments based on billing type. Automation
Fill Sheet window control panel moved to bottom of window. Filling Out Sheets
Set a default sheet to use for prescriptions printed on a single page (Rx). Setting Sheet Defaults
Superfamilies can be sorted by sorted last names (instead of first). Family Module Preferences
Field added as an option for a message segment: 'messageTypeNoStruct'. Generic HL7 Message Structure.
Patient number added as criteria that links patient clones with the original patient. Patient Clone
Edit Patient Information - Other tab indicates patient's clone relationship and allows user to swap or break the relationship. Edit Patient Information - Other Tab
Public Health tab on Edit Patient Information window has enhanced race/ethnicity options based on CDCREC codes. Public Health Tab
Public Health tab on Edit Patient Information window has areas to document sexual orientation and gender identity. Public Health Tab
Move subscriber confirmation message enhanced for clarity. Move Subscribers
Database maintenance check for pay splits attached to deleted prepayments. Database Maintenance
Breakdown column added to database maintenance window. Database Maintenance
Procedures can have only one estimate per insurance plan. Procedure Info - Financial Tab
Message prompts when enabling eRx enhanced.
Print tool button added to eRx interface to allow printing of Prescriber Report for Ohio requirements. NewCrop eRX / Prescription
TreatPlanOrphanedProcTps DBM makes dummy treatment plans for treatment planned procedures that were once attached to a saved treatment plan that no longer exists. Database Maintenance

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