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Version 17.4

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Version 17.4 was released on 5/2/2018.

Blog: Stable Version 17.4 Highlights

Major Changes
DoseSpot: New ePrescribing option with DoseSpot. Features two-way medication syncing, proxy clinicians, and provider notifications for prescriptions ready to send. DoseSpot

Patient Portal: New methods to automate providing access to the patient portal. Granting Access to the Portal

  • Email automated Patient Portal Invitations before or after a scheduled appointment. Invitations include the credentials to access the portal. Setting up the Patient Portal
  • Include the patientPortalCredentials static text field on a sheet. When the sheet is generated for a patient who has not yet accessed the portal, portal login credentials will display on the sheet. Granting Access to the Portal

eReminders and eConfirmations

Web Sched Verify: When a patient successfully books a Web Sched Recall, New Patient, or ASAP appointment online, follow up with an automated verification message that includes appointment details. Web Sched Verify

Account Collections using Transworld Systems Interface: TSI (Transworld) Billing and Collections Service

Changes by Category


  • Alert notifies user about appointments scheduled via Web Sched ASAP. Quickly open the Web Sched Appointments report. Alerts
  • Alert indicates when the eConnector is down. Alerts
  • Alert indicates when the eConnector has an error. Alerts
  • Alert notifies user when the MySQL server has more than half the allowed connections. Alerts


  • Unscheduled and planned appointments, as well as recalls, can be marked ASAP and added to the ASAP list. ASAP List
  • Option to create blockout types that do not allow appointment scheduling. Definitions: Blockout Types
  • Option to create blockout types that do not allow cut/copy/paste. Definitions: Blockout Types
  • Create and edit "No Schedule" and "Don't cut copy paste" blockouts without the blockout permission. Permissions, Blockouts
  • Appointment module preferences have been divided into two tabs: Appearance and Behavior. Appointment Module Preferences
  • Preference to set a default length for appointments without attached procedures. Appointment Module Preferences
  • Add scheduling notes per provider. Notes are visible in the Appointments module when clicking on an operatory header. Edit Provider Window
  • Add scheduling notes per clinic. Notes are visible in the Appointments module when clicking on an operatory header. Edit Clinic Window
  • Options to add net production and patient portion to an appointment view. Appointment View Edit Window
  • Sent eReminders and eConfirmations show in the Communications Log grid of the Edit Appointment window. Edit Appointment Window
  • Option to view merged patients in the Select Patient window. Selecting Patients
  • User is warned if they attempt to make an appointment for a merged patient, and prompted to switch to active patient. Merge Patients


  • Statements show patnums after the patient's name for an individual and in a column for a superfamily. Super Families
  • Include patient last name in the rows of a statement. Statement Window
  • Preference to add compounding interest to finance charges in the Finance/Billing Charges window. Billing / Finance Charges



  • IsAccident field on printed claim forms shows an X if there is a set Accident Date. Claims - Canada


  • Preference to merge procedures notes when multiple users attempt to edit concurrently. Procedure Notes
  • RCT paint type added for pulpectomy on primary teeth. Primary Teeth
  • Allow saving XVWeb images from the Chart module. XV Web Integration
  • XVWeb images show as thumbnails as they are downloaded in the Chart module. XV Web Integration
  • Referral letters can show tooth chart, including procedures and tooth chart legend. Sheet Elements and Options
  • When the User column is added to the Chart View, email line items will indicate who was logged on when the email was sent. Show Tab / Chart Views
  • Progress notes update when tooth selections are changed in the tooth chart. 'Show Selected Teeth' must be checked. Chart Module
  • Delete procedures that are attached to a preauthorization. Preauthorizations


Rx / eRx

  • 17.4.12 - New ePrescribing option with DoseSpot. Features two-way medication syncing, proxy clinicians, and provider notifications for prescriptions ready to send. DoseSpot
  • Pharmacy information auto populates in the Edit Rx window for electronic prescriptions. New Rx / Write a Prescription
  • Add a CDT procedure code to a printed prescription. Edit Clinic Window, Prescription List
  • Output text fields for Rx Sheets have been renamed and have new functionality. Sheets: Rx / Single Prescriptions
  • RxNorm codes are now used to standardize medications in the United States and download automatically if they are not imported. RxNorms








  • Interface changes to the Security window. Security Window
    • Security window divided into a Users tab, User Group Tab. Security Window
    • Global Security Settings are accessible via a Settings menu item on the Security window. Global Security Settings
    • Users tab shows the user's group and a read-only overview of the group's security permissions. Security Window
    • Users Group tab shows the group's permissions as well as all users in the group. Use this tab to assign permissions to the group. Adding or Renaming User Groups
  • Users can be associated to multiple user groups. User Security Profiles
  • Logging off of Open Dental now triggers an OK/No prompt. Set default behavior with a preference. Security: Logging On/Off
  • Patient Edit permission logs an entry in the audit trail when a patient is moved to a different family, or patient information is changed and saved. Permissions
  • Fee Schedule Edit permission restricts editing fee schedules from the Setup and Lists menus. Permissions, Fee Schedules
  • Referral Edit permission allows/blocks user from editing or deleting referrals. It is tracked in the audit trail. Permissions
  • Perio Chart Edit permission logs an entry in the audit trial when a perio exam is added, deleted, or copied. Permissions
  • Procedure Code Edit permission logs changes to individual procedure codes. Permissions
  • Recall Edit permission logs changes to recalls, recall types, and recall triggers. Permissions
  • When a task is deleted, an entry is made in the security log that records the tasknum of the deleted task. Permissions
  • Security Admin permission logs an entry in the audit trail when permissions are granted or revoked for user groups. Permissions
  • PreAuth Sent Edit permission allows/blocks user from editing preauths that have already been sent. Permissions, Preauthorizations
  • Filter the audit trail based on the last time an item was edited. Audit Trail
  • New audit trail column displays the date and time of the change before last. Audit Trail
  • Claim History Edit permission has a user group lock date instead of a global lock date. Permissions
  • Lock dates are no longer considered when procedures have a status of EO or EC. Security Lock Dates

Generate a unique serial number for equipment entries. Equipment
Set a tab order for combo boxes on sheets. Filling out Sheets
Use the Int Link button to add a new page in the wiki. Wiki Page: Add / Edit
An error indicates when an incorrect password is entered in the Service Manager during an installation attempt. Service Manager
Option to display information entered in old, renamed custom patient fields. Custom Patient Fields
Access Quick Paste Notes through the Setup menu. Main Menu
Single practices can now add specialities to patient clones when creating the clone. Patient Clones
Preference to send Unhandled Exception report directly to Open Dental support. Miscellaneous Setup, Unhandled Exceptions
Apteryx images can be saved to the Open Dental Images module. XV Web Integration
FHIR includes allergies, medications, and conditions. FHIR Restful API Service
Denti-Cal testing for new SFTP paths. Denti-Cal
When copying a fee schedule, a message will indicate when the copy is done. Copying Fee Schedules
Enhancements to the Select Patient window. Selecting Patients
Added a database maintenance to find payments that are attached to an incorrect payment plan type, paysplits that are attached to insurance payment plans, and claim payments that are attached to patient payment plans. DBM Log Results
Improvements to overallocation warning messages. Payments, Adjustments, Insurance Payments, Claim Procedure
Removed SecurityLogInvalidKeyDBM. Database Maintenance
Display Field window enhancements. Display Fields

Use an internal MD5 hash algorithm implementation instead of the .NET framework cryptography implementation.
Load time improvements in Account module. Account Module
Improved update speed. Updating Open Dental
Open Dental generally uses less memory.
Speed enhancements to Middle Tier. Middle Tier
Speed enhancements to processes involving fees.


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