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Version 18.1

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Version 18.1 was released on 07/16/2018. EHR certified 2014 edition.

Major Changes

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  • Option to automatically receive Canadian EOBs. ITRANS
  • Import carrier information with the click of a button when ITRANS is your default clearinghouse. Canada Carriers and Networks


  • Chart Module Preferences divided into two tabs: Behavior and Appearance. Chart Module Preferences
  • Chart module preference for Prompt for Planned Appointment. Chart Module Preferences
  • When a procedure has a treatment area of sextant or arch, user must select an arch or sextant when charting the procedure. Procedure Info Window
  • The Chart module's Signed column will now indicate when any form has been electronically signed. Chart Module
  • Chart module speed enhancements. Chart Module
  • New automation trigger option, RxCreate, when creating a prescription that is a controlled substance or requires a procedure code. Automation






  • In the main menu, the Setup, Security menu option has sub menu options: Security Settings (opens the main Security window) and Add User (add a new User Security Profile). Main Menu
  • Add User permission allows user to add a new user security profile via the Add User menu option, even if they don't have the Security Admin permission. Security Permissions, User Security Profiles
  • In Global Security Settings, set a default user group to apply to new users added via the Add User menu option. Global Security Settings
  • Edit EO or EC Procedures permission controls whether or not a user can edit procedures with an existing other or existing current status. Security Permissions
  • Single sign on available when using the Middle Tier. Middle Tier
  • View Claim permission controls whether or not a user can view and create claims. Security Permissions
  • Treat Plan Sign permission controls whether or not a user can sign a treatment plan. Security Permissions
  • Discount Plan Edit permission is tracked in the audit trail. Audit Trail
  • Repeating Charge Tool permission controls whether or not a user can run the repeating charge tool. Security Permissions
  • A password is required when adding a new user and passwords must be 'strong'. Global Security Settings

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