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Version 19.2

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Version 19.2 was released released on 07/02/2019 as beta.

Appointments Module
  • Copying schedule no longer overwrites holidays.
  • View production per operatory.
  • Past due options added to appointment views.
  • Preference to prevent changes to completed appointments with completed procedures attached.

Chart Module
  • Enhancements to HTML emails.
  • New command options for Voice Perio Charting.

  • Web Sched Recall, Web Sched Notify, Web Sched ASAP, and Webmail can now use HTML.
  • Mobile Web shows broken appointments.

Insurance and Claims
  • Eligibility requests include insurance history dates.
  • Enhancements to electronic eligibility.
  • Custom claim tracking copied to split claims.
  • Better handling of primary and secondary claims that allow procedures marked as Do Not Bill to Ins.
  • Improvements to 1500 claimform.
  • Allow batch attachments through DentalXChange.

Treatment Plan Module
  • Additional options for Treatment Plan display fields.
  • Visual indicator in Treatment Plan when procedure is attached to an appointment.
  • Preference to allow prepayments to attach to treatment planned procedures.

Manage Module
  • Excluded tab added to TSI interface.
  • Enhancements to Archive feature.
  • Changes to time card notes.
  • Preference to allow total payments when processing an ERA.

  • Bridge to Illinois PDMP.
  • Scheduler system for running processes at a set time/date.
  • Enhancements to Database Maintenance.
  • Enhancements to Patient Database Maintenance.

  • Additional write-off options on reports.
  • Output text field created for cash payment on deposit slips.
  • Abbreviation display field added to Planned Appointments.
  • Enhancements to Patient Dashboard.
  • Improvements to Income Transfer logic.
  • Better handling of large images on sheets.
  • Spell check can be disabled with foreign languages.
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