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Version 20.3

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Version 20.3 was released as stable on 10/13/2020.

Overview of Version 20.3

Major Changes

New CareCredit Integration: Maximize treatment acceptance with the full CareCredit integration.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): BYOD allows patients to check-in for appointments, complete patient forms, and take a patient picture, all from their mobile device.

  • Enable BYOD in eClipboard Setup.
  • Send a link via text message to the patient. Texts can be sent manually or automatically using Arrivals. BYOD: Workflow

Web Sched Existing Patient: Allow existing patients to schedule their appointments online. This feature is currently in extended beta. Web Sched Existing Patient

Updated Blue Book Feature: The improved Blue Book feature makes estimates easier than ever for your out-of-network insurance plans.

Language Translations for Web Forms: When language translations are created for sheets, patients can select their preferred language when filling web forms. Web Forms: What Patient Sees

Patient Responsibility Column: Now available in Edit Claim and Enter Payment windows. Account Module Preferences, Receive Claim

Changes By Category

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