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Version 20.4

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Version 20.4 was released as beta on 10/13/2020. Features will be added to this list as they are completed.

Major Changes

Zoom Feature allows users to enlarge the overall display of Open Dental. Zoom

Changes by Category

Account Module

Appointments Module


Chart Module


Family Module

Manage Module

  • Users on a task can only be changed once the task has been saved. Task Window
  • Ability to right-click on a task description to immediately navigate to website or UNC path. Task
  • Short description available for tasks. Task, Task Window
  • Selecting a task list also displays full path. Task
  • Improved ERA claim matching. ERA Match with Claim
  • Prevent limited statements, receipts, and invoices from being sent electronically. Billing List



  • The Edit Protected Leave Time Card Adjustments permission now allows changes to other user's time cards. Permissions
  • Added Query Monitor View permission. Permissions
  • Added Web Forms Access permission. Permissions
  • Split Edit Commlog permission into Create Commlog and Edit Commlog. Permissions
  • Audit trail tracks created, deleted, and updated Repeating Charges. Audit Trail Permissions
  • Added Zoom permission. Permissions
  • ProcCompleteEdit permission logs changes made to tooth number or surface. Audit Trail Permissions
  • TP Procedure Date permissions uses DateEntryC rather than ProcDate when calculating lock date. Permissions



  • Moved database maintenance method, FormDatabaseMaintenance, to Old tab. Database Maintenance
  • Added database maintenance method, ProcedurelogCodeNumInvalid, to Database Maintenance for Patient. Database Maintenance for Patient
  • Search exact matches in the Wiki Search. Wiki Search
  • Option to hide unused definitions in Custom Claim Tracking. Definitions: Claim Custom Tracking
  • Updated DentiCal claim form to latest version. Denti-Cal
  • Bridge to TRIOS 3Shape. 3Shape Bridge
  • Adding internal wiki links no longer requires three-character minimum to search. Wiki Edit
  • For multiple location users. After updating via the File Copier, Open Dental will re-connect to the same database as before. Update
  • Ability to swap images on mounts. Imaging Module
  • Added Payload Monitor for Middle Tier users. Payload Monitor
  • eConnector status added to CEMT window. Central Enterprise Management Tool ( CEMT )
  • Enterprise preference to match patients on exact phone number. Enterprise Setup
  • Integration with QuickBooks Online.
  • PDMP available for California, Kentucky, Maryland, Utah, and Washington.
  • Text settings removed from Reactivation Setup. Setup Reactivation
  • Ability to disable Refresh while typing in Patient Select window. Enterprise Setup, Miscellaneous Setup
  • Treatment Plan display field for appts shows U for procedure associated with an unscheduled appointment. Display Fields
  • Enter key refreshes Patient Select window when Refresh while typing is unchecked. Select Patient
  • Fixed phone number formatting in Edit Clinic window. Clinic
  • Medication Merge tool enhanced to allow merging generic medications into brand medications. Merge Medications
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