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Version 21.1

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Version 21.1 was released as beta on 03/11/2021. Features will be added to this list as they are completed.

Account Module

  • When using Blue Book, default the cursor into the Allowed column when entering claim payments. Receive Claim
  • Account Module always displays Quick Procs, even if user does not have Account Procs Quick Add permission. Quick Procs, Permissions
  • Allow associating treatment planned procedures with dynamic payment plans. Dynamic Payment Plan
  • Payment Plan Tx Credits include Discount Plan adjustments in Rem Before amounts. Payment Plan Procedures and Credits
  • Block moving credit cards with recurring charges between patients. (also backported to 20.5.39) Credit Card Manage
  • Deleting a credit card now checks for duplicate tokens. (Also backported to 20.4.61 and 20.5.40) Authorize Recurring Charges
  • Payment type is now required before voiding a transaction. (Also backported to 20.5.43) Payment
  • Dynamic Payment Plan interest calculation now only considers the principal for completed procedures when Await procedure completion is selected. Dynamic Payment Plan

Chart Module


Family Module

Imaging Module

  • Item Info window now displays after importing files and using the Paste button. Imaging Module, Image Info
  • Patient selection is cleared when switching users while in the Imaging Module. Imaging Module

Manage Module


Treatment Plan Module


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