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Version 23.2

See Versions.

Version 23.2 was released on 10/30/2023.

Major Changes

Additional frequency limitations

Changes by Category

Account Module



  • New permission for View Appointment Audit Trail. Permissions
  • New permission for Archived Patient Select. Permissions
  • Adjustment Type Deny permission considers users assigned to multiple groups. Adjustment

Manage Module

  • Allow auto-processing of an ERA when a claim match is found but patient's name doesn't match. (Also backported to 23.1.57) ERA Workflow
  • Ability to search phrases in Task Search. Task Search
  • Set Insurance Payment Types for ERA payment methods. ERA Workflow


API: API Specification

  • API Portal export function.
  • Add ToothNumbers to Documents POST Upload and UploadSftp.
  • New ClaimTrackings resource.
  • Disallow trailing spaces on usernames made with UserODs POST.
  • New method ClaimProcs POST InsAdjust.
  • New method Claims POST.
  • Enhance Patients POST/PUT to support Canadian postal codes.
  • Add FamFinUrgNote to Patients GET, PUT, and POST.
  • New method SheetDefs GET.
  • Add Etrans GET.
  • ClaimProcs PUT - Add NoBillIns as field for method.
  • Add ProcedureCodes.NoBillIns to GET and POST methods.
  • ProcedureLogs POST/PUT/DELETE - Sync TreatPlanAttaches.
  • API - EtransMessageText GET.
  • New method TreatPlans POST.
  • New methods ClaimPayments PUT and GET single and multiple.
  • ClaimProcs GET - Additional search parameters.
  • New methods TreatPlanAttaches POST and PUT.
  • Add OrthoRemainM to Claims PUT.
  • Add UserGroups GET.
  • New method TreatPlans POST Save.
  • Add InsVerifies GET.
  • New method ScheduleOps GET multiple.
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