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Version 23.3

See Versions.

Version 23.3 was released as beta on 10/30/2023.

Account Module


Family Module


API: API Specification

  • New resource ASAPComm.
  • Add Op to Appointments GET multiple.
  • Deprecated PayPlans POST.
  • Added PayPlanCharges GET.
  • Payments POST on existing PayPlanCharges.
  • Added FeeScheds POST
  • Added FeeScheds PUT.
  • Added UserGroupAttaches GET.
  • Added a return object to Commlogs POST.
  • Added EOBAttaches GET.
  • New resource CovCats GET.
  • Added DateOriginalProth GET.
  • Added IsDateProthEst GET.
  • Added Prosthesis GET.
  • Added ProcTPs DELETE.
  • Added Fees POST.
  • Added Fees GET.
  • Added Fees PUT.
  • Added Payments PUT.
  • Added Payments GET.
  • Added Claims GET.
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