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Planned Appointment Tracker  

The Planned Appointment Tracker lists by date every Planned Appointment that has been created but not scheduled. If a patient does not schedule a planned appointment, or if the scheduled appointment is deleted, this system will track the appointment so they don't slip through the cracks. This tool is useful for keeping your production levels as high as possible.

To make this process work, every patient who needs treatment of any kind MUST have a planned appointment created before they leave the office.

View the Planned Appointment Tracker

  1. In the Appointments module, click the Appointment List icon  in the upper right, then click Planned Tracker.

This list will include all planned appointments that are not currently scheduled. Regularly review this list to fill your schedule with quality procedures. 

  1. Narrow or sort the list by specific criteria. Click Refresh to update.
  • Order by: Sort the list alphabetically by appointment status, alphabetically by last name, first name, or by date the planned appointment was created.
  • Provider: Only view appointments for a specific Provider.
  • Clinic: Only view appointments for a specific Clinic.
  • Site: Only view appointments for a specific Site.
  1. Schedule a planned appointment. There are two options:
    • Option 1: Right click the appointment, click Send to Pinboard, then schedule the appointment.
    • Option 2: Double click the appointment to open the Edit Appointment window. Make Commlog notes as needed. Click Pinboard, then schedule the appointment.

Once scheduled, planned appointments no longer list in the tracker. They will still list in the Chart module, Planned Appts tab until they are marked 'Done' or deleted.

To change the active patient, right click a patient, then click Select Patient.

To jump to a patient's chart from Planned Appointment Tracker:

  1. Click to highlight the patient.
  2. Right click and select See Chart.
  3. Click anywhere behind the Planned Appointment Tracker window to view chart.

Print List:  Print the list as it appears on-screen.


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