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Set up Auto Notes  

Auto Notes are templates used to insert large complex notes that you enter frequently for a Procedure, Group Notes, and the Ortho Chart (e.g. for exams, hygiene, root canals, materials, anesthetic, post op instructions). In addition to static text, prompts can offer a selection of responses or the ability to enter text. Also see Using Auto Notes.

  1. In the main menu, click Setup, Auto Notes.

  • Auto notes can be organized in a tree view by auto note categories/folders. Set up and reorder categories in Definitions: Auto Note Categories.
  • Click + to expand a folder tree. Click - to collapse. Use the Collapse All checkbox as a shortcut to quickly collapse or expand all folders. The current state of the folders is saved when Close is clicked and the window is reopened. This box does not stay checked.
  • Click a folder or auto note and drag to another folder to move.
  1.  Click Add, or double click on an existing auto note to edit.

Any current text in the note is on the left. Prompts within the note are indicated by [Prompt:""]. A list of all prompts that can be inserted list at the right. To create or edit prompts, see Adding Auto Note Prompts.

  1. Enter an identifiying Name for the auto note.
  2. Enter the static text of the auto note in the Text field. To insert a prompt, position the cursor at the point of insertion, highlight a prompt on the right, then click Insert. 
  3. Click OK to save the note. 


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