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Open Dental is CDAnet certified and ready for use in all Canadian offices.  The Canadian version costs less due to the exchange rate and some minor enhancements still needed.  For fees and support options see Foreign Countries.

To see the Canadian features, set the Region and Language Settings on your computer to English Canadian or French Canadian before opening Open Dental.

The following copyright notice applies to Ontario users:

The ODA Suggested Fee Guide which is included in the Open Dental Software Inc. software and the copyright therin, is owned by the Ontario Dental Association and may be used soley in conjunction with the Open Dental software under licence from the Ontario Dental Association. The "ODA Suggested Fee Guide", "ODA Suggested Fee Guide for General Practitioners", "ODA Design" and "ODA" are trademarks of the Ontario Dental Association.

    Install and Setup (Install Canadian Database and Claim Forms, E-Claims, Tooth Numbering/Surfaces, Clinics).
    Procedure Codes
      - Procedure Code Tools
      - Canadian Auto Codes
      - Procedure Code Time Units
    Recall Types
    Provider Setup
      - Register Providers for E-Claims
    Fee Schedules
    E-Claims:  ITRANS, Claimstream,
    Carriers and Networks
    Insurance Plans
      - Insurance Category Setup
Procedures and Claims
    Procedures - Canada Tab
      - Lab Fees
    Claims (Edit Claim Window, Reversals, Secondary Claims, Electronic Attachments)
      - Sending Claims and Retrieving Reports
      - Technical Data
    Print Receipts
Future Enhancements


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