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Canada:  Recall Types 

Recall types determine which procedures trigger a recall appointment, when recall appointments are due, and the recall appointment length.  You can have different recall types for different kinds of Recall appointments. 

Prophy, ChildProphy and Perio:  These 'special type' recalls are required for the recall system to work as intended. 

  • Prophy, ChildProphy, and Perio recall types must exist and be assigned the appropriate 'special type'.  You can change the trigger procedures, time interval, time pattern and appointment procedures, but do not remove the 'special type' assignment.
  • ChildProphy is only used to determine when, based on age, child procedures are attached to the recall appointment.  Each patient is still only assigned as Prophy or Perio (never Child Prophy).
  • By default, every patient is assigned a Prophy recall, regardless of completed procedures.  Prophy and Perio are considered primary recall types and are mutually exclusive. The triggers for Prophy and Perio cross over and act as triggers for both types. To change a patient to a Perio, see Recall.

For additional information, see Recall Types.

Below is an example of how recall types might be set up for Canada.


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