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Definitions: Claim Error Code

Claim Error Code definitions determine which error code options are available on the Custom Tracking Status Update window.

Add or Edit an Error Code

  1. Click Setup, Definitions, then select Claim Error Code.

  1. Click Add to add a new status, or double-click a status to edit.

  1. Name: Enter the abbreviation for the error code. This will show in the Error Code column of the Claim Custom Tracking Status History grid.
  2. Description: Enter the full description of the error code.
  3. Click OK to save.

Reorder Statuses
On the main Definitions window, highlight a status, then click the up/down arrows. This determines the order in which the codes show on the Custom Tracking Status Update window.

Remove a Status
Definitions can only be removed if they have not been used. On the Edit Definition window, click Delete.


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