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EHR: Report Clinical Quality Measures

We recommend checking Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) percentages early during your reporting period to make sure values are increasing. 

  • If denominators are 0, there are no Encounters.  Set a default encounter code or manually create encounters.
  • If the numerator values are low, make sure you are completing the actions required. See CQM Definitions.
  1. On the EHR Dashboard, click Quality Meas.

  1. Enter the reporting period start and end dates and select the provider to report on.
  2. Click Refresh to update the list. 

A CQM may be represented by several rows if the data is divided into different classifications (e.g. divided by age groups).  Double click a row to see exactly what is included in each denominator, numerator, exception, etc.  See CQM Details.

To export and submit the CQM data:

  1. Click Create QRDAs. 
  2. Select a location on your computer to export the CQM files to, then click OK. A message will show indicating the files have been exported successfully.  The file set will be grouped under a dated CQM folder in the file location.
  3. Submit the report.


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