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EHR: Clinical Quality Measures

Reporting Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) is an EHR Modified Stage 2 requirement.  CQMs are tools used to measure and track the quality of healthcare services.

Open Dental reports on 9 CQMs.  These CQMs were chosen for certification because they cover at least 3 National Quality Strategy (NQS) domains, focus on high-priority health conditions and best-practices for care delivery, and are applicable to dental providers.


  • Denominators are based on Encounters.  By default, encounters are not automatically generated based on completed procedures or appointments.  However, you can automate the process if you Set a Default Encounter Code.  If you choose not to set a default, you must manually generate CQM encounters that are appropriate for each measure.
  • Numerators are based on specific actions completed and/or Interventions documented. 

For specific denominator and numerator logic for each CQM, see CQM Descriptions.
Some CQMs use specific code systems in calculations. To download coding systems and see which codes are used in CQMs, see Code System Importer.

How To
Set Default Encounter Codes
Set Default Pregnancy Codes
CQM Descriptions
CQM Calculation Details
Report CQM Data

CQM-related actions
Document Current Meds
Enter Vital Signs and Document Interventions (height, weight, BMI, BP)
Assess Smoking Status and Document Interventions
Enter Treatment (procedures)
Enter Vaccine Data
Document Reasons Not Performed


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