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EHR: CQMs Not Performed

When you document an Intervention for an eligible patient encounter, it counts towards Clinical Quality Measures (CQM).  If an intervention or action is not performed, you can document the reason.  Interventions and reasons not performed are usually documented while entering patient Vital Signs or Smoking Status.  

To view all 'not performed reasons' for a patient, or manually add reasons.

  1. On the EHR Dashboard, click Not Performed.

All reasons already entered are listed.  Double click an entry to edit.

  1. Click Add to enter a reason.

  1. Click the dropdown to select the item not performed, then click OK. 
  2. If BMIExam or DocumentCurrentMeds is selected, the Not Performed Item with Reason window will show.
    If InfluenzaVaccination or TobaccoScreening is selected, another input window will request the item not being performed.

  1. Enter the reason, then click OK. 
    - Code: Click to select from a list of acceptable reasons.  The code system name and code description will populate based on your selection.
    - Note: Enter any notes.


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