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EHR:  Set up Reminder Rules

Reminder rules for Patient Reminders are optional. A patient does not need to meet a specific rule to document that a reminder has been 'sent'. The rules define criteria a patient must meet for a reminder to show in their Reminder window.  Criteria can be based o problems, allergies, medications, age, gender, or lab results.

1.  In the Main Menu, click Setup, Chart, EHR, Reminder Rules.

All rules currently defined are listed.

2.  Click Add, or double click a rule to edit.

3.  Select the criteria that a patient must meet for a reminder to list in their Reminder window.

  • Reminder Criterion: Select the category this rule applies to.  There are six choices:  Problem, Medication, Allergy, Age, Gender, Lab Result. 
  • Criterion Value:  Enter the value that will trigger the reminder.  Less than < and greater than > symbols are allowed.  This field only is visible for Age, Gender (male or female) and Lab Results rules.
  • Medication: Click [...] to select a medication from the Medication Master List.  This field is only visible for Medication rules.
  • Allergy: Click [...] to select an allergy from the Allergy Master List. This field is only visible for Allergy rules.
  • Problem:  Click [...] to select a problem from the Problem Master List.  The associated ICD-9 code will also show.  This field is only visible for Problem rules.
  • Reminder Message: Enter the reminder message.

4.  Click OK to save the reminder rule.


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