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Graphics Preferences  

Graphic settings affect the display of the Graphical Tooth Chart and the Graphical Perio Chart.  Settings are specific to the computer where you are working, allowing you to set different graphics preferences for each computer. Users must have the Graphics Edit Permission to access and change graphic settings.

In the main menu, click File, Graphics.

DirectX: This is the latest 3D Microsoft technology.  It is recommended if possible.  This setting is required to view the Graphical Perio Chart.

OpenGL:  This is the 3D technology that we used in the past. It works well, but the Graphical Perio Chart will not be available.

Simple 2D:  Can be used if neither DirectX or OpenGL can be made to work. For example, when using a remote connection, such as Microsoft Terminal Services, GoToMyPC, etc. The simple tooth chart will eliminate all slowness issues over the remote connection. But the tooth chart will not look as nice.

Options for 3D Tooth Chart: These are only changed if the Graphical Tooth Chart is not working properly.

  • Open GL Filters:  Filter the list of graphic formats.  These options are only enabled when OpenGL is the selected option. 
    • Hardware Acceleration: Use one of these formats if you have a graphics card.  If you have a graphics controller that is integrated into the motherboard, you might not use this option.  In practice, it works best to try it both ways to see which gives you the best result.
    • Use Double-Buffering: With these formats, the redraw of the graphics is hidden in a second buffer. This eliminates flicker.
    • Show All Formats:  All available formats
  • Graphics Formats:  Click on the format to use for the tooth chart.  The selected format number shows at the top. 

If DirectX is not working properly
1. Install the latest DirectX runtime:  https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/179113
2. Install all express/critical Windows Updates.
3. Update the graphics card driver using one of the following:
    a. Try to locate the driver from the computer manufacturer's website.
    b. Try to locate the driver from the graphics card manufacturer's website.
    c. Try to use Windows Update to update the graphics card driver.
4. Install the DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010) (only do this if DirectX is still not working). https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=8109.

    • Download it to a temp folder.
    • Run DXSETUP.exe to insert missing DirectX files.
    • Close, then reopen Open Dental.

If you cannot get into Graphic Preferences on your computer
You can change the graphic setting from a different computer. Click Setup, Computers.

If you experience a major error while using this interface, see Troubleshooting.

More Terminology
(Only for the very curious)
Windowed: Can be drawn on the screen. There are some graphics formats that cannot be drawn to the screen.
Palette: Instead of millions of colors, there is just a small palette of colors available.
Depth bits: This is how the coordinates on the Z axis are stored. If there are not enough depth bits available, overlapping doesn't work properly.
Color bits: The more the better.


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