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ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes

Diagnosis codes can be sent with procedure codes (e.g. for Medical Insurance). If you need to attach ICD-10 diagnosis codes to procedures, first download the code system, then assign the code. The current ICD-10 download is for 2017.

Diagnosis codes can also used for EHR.

October 1, 2015: ICD-10 codes are required for HIPAA covered transactions. See https://www.cms.gov/Medicare/Coding/ICD10/Index.html.

  • ICD-10 codes are an updated version of ICD-9 codes. They can be used starting in version 15.3. When updating to ICD-10 codes, first download the ICD-10 code system, then change the default settings to use ICD-10 codes (instead of ICD-9). The code system for procedures already created (treatment planned or completed) will not change.
  • ICD Codes in State Medicaid Dental Claims Submission: http://www.ada.org/~/media/ADA/Member%20Center/FIles/ICD_Requirement_in_dental_claims.ashx
  • Claims with ICD-9 codes will not send from Open Dental. You must use ICD-10 codes.

Downloading Codes
Downloading ICD diagnosis codes is optional.

  • For problems, the codes must be downloaded then chosen from a pick list. 
  • For procedures, codes can be manually entered or downloaded then chosen from a pick list.

Download or update ICD code systems using the Code System Importer. You can open the importer via the Main Menu, Setup, Chart, EHR, Code System Importer, or on the ICD9/10 window click Import. Highlight the code system (e.g. ICD10CM), then click Download Updates.

Default ICD Code System
Set diagnosis coding system defaults in Chart Module Preferences:

  • Set the default code system under 'Use ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes (uncheck for ICD-9)'.
  • Set a specific default diagnosis code for new procedures. This code will show as the first diagnosis code on the Procedure Info - Medical tab

You can also set the code system for a specific procedure on the Procedure Info - Medical tab by checking or unchecking 'Use ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes (uncheck for ICD-9)'. The field labels for diagnosis codes will change to reflect the setting.

Assigning Codes
For Problems: Attach codes on the Problem Def Edit window. Click the pick list button [...] to select. 
For Procedures: Attach codes on the Procedure Info - Medical tab.   Enter the code(s) manually or click a pick list button [...] next to Diagnosis Code 1, 2, 3, 4.

If choosing from a pick list, at first the list will be empty.  Enter the first few characters of the description or code, then click Search. To see all diagnosis codes, leave the code and description blank, then click Search.

Double click the code to select it and close the window.


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