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Installment Plan 

Installment Plans are a quick and easy alternative to Payment Plans. They allow you to bill patients an agreed monthly amount. Statements will show the fixed monthly amount due at the top. Additional charges posted after the installment plan creation date will not affect the monthly due balance, nor will missed payments.

In the Account toolbar, click Installment Plan.

Installment Plan

  • Date of Agreement / Date of First Payment:  Auto-filled with today's date.
  • Monthly Payment:  The monthly payment amount.
  • APR:  The annual percentage rate (APR).  When you use the Finance Charge Tool for an account that has an installment plan setup for any family member, this APR is used instead of the APR set in the Finance/Billing Charges window. 
  • Notes:  Any notes you wish to keep on file about this installment plan.

Click OK to save.


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