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Installing on a Workstation  

Workstations other than the server do not need any of the MySQL components, A-Z folder (OpenDentImages or OpenDentalData), or database.  In fact, they only need two things:

1. dotNet framework: This will already be installed on newer computers. See dot Net.

2. The Open Dental Program itself.  If you have already done an Update on your server during Installation, you have everything you need. 
- On the new workstation, browse through MyNetworkPlaces to find your A-Z folder (OpenDentImages or OpenDentalData) on the server. 
- Open the folder and locate the file called Setup. 
- For Windows 7 and 8, right click on the file and select "Run as Administrator."  For other Windows versions, double click on the file to run. 
This will install the same version of Open Dental as is already on your other computers.

If you have never done an Update, then the Setup file might not be there.  If you are still using the trial version, then install the same trial version on a workstation by using the download on the Trial Version page, but only selecting the Workstation option at the top.  Remember that you don't need to install MySQL again.  In fact it's confusing to have MySQL installed on multiple computers, and you run the risk of accidentally having two separate databases, or accidentally saving data to the wrong location.

Server Configuration

The above steps explain how to install the client program on a workstation.  But for that client program to work with the server, a few server settings need to be changed:

1. Open the firewall on the server for port 3306. See the firewall section for information on how to open port 3306.  If you can't get past the Choose Database window, then it's a firewall issue.  If you've turned off all firewalls on the server and are still stuck at the Choose Database window, then see the Troubleshooting page.

2. See the Data Paths section for information on how to share your A to Z folders and to specify a path that all workstations can use to find it.



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