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Quick Paste Note Setup 

Quick Paste Notes are templates for frequently used notes. You can set them up as you go. To insert notes, see Insert Quick Paste Notes.

Set up Quick Paste Notes
Right click in a Text Box that supports quick paste notes, then click Insert Quick Note. The Quick Paste Notes window will open. 

From here you can organize, add, edit, and delete note templates, and also insert a note. Notes are organized by category so you can group similar types of notes together. Click on a category and its notes appear on the right. If categories are reordered, it may affect when a quick paste note shortcut (? abbr) is available in a text box.

Categories can be renamed, added, edited, or deleted.

  • To move categories up and down in the list, click the up/down arrows below the Category list.
  • Click Add to add a new category, or double click a category to edit.

Description: The name of the category.

Default for Types: Set when this category of notes will be the default option. Type corresponds to specific Text Boxes that support quick paste notes. A category can be the default for multiple types, however a type should not have multiple defaults (be assigned to more than one category). If a type is assigned to more than one category, then the default category is the one higher in the list of Categories. To select multiple types, press the Ctrl key and click on the types in the list. 

Example: The Medical category can be the default for MedicalSummary, MedicalHistory, and MedicalUrgent types. This makes quick paste notes in the Medical category the default options when inserting in the Medical Summary, Medical History and Medical Urgent text boxes on the Medical window. 

A note's abbreviations (?di) will only work when the note's category is the default for the text box. 

In version 14.3 and greater, quick paste notes used in Tasks must have a type of 'Task'. If another type is used, the ? shortcut will not work. 

When you select a category, its quick paste notes appear on the right. Each line represents one note. The note abbreviation (preceded by ?) and full text show. You can freely reorder, rename, edit, or delete notes without causing any problems.

  • To move notes up and down in the list, click the up/down arrows below the Notes list.
  • To edit a note, select it, then click Edit (double clicking will insert the note).
  • Click Add to add a new note.

Abbreviation: Can be used as a shortcut to insert the note faster. When the abbreviation is entered in a text box, preceded by a ?, the full note text will replace the abbreviation. Check for duplicates before creating a new abbreviation. If you have 'di' and 'dia' as abbreviations, 'di' will always override 'dia'.

For the abbreviation to work, the text box where the note is inserted must have the note's category as its default. See Categories above.

Example: Abbreviation = di. When ?di is entered in a text box, 'Diabetes' immediately replaces the abbreviation.

Note: The full note text. There is no limit to note size and it can span multiple lines.


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