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Schedule: Graph View

A graph of the Schedule is available to give you a visual representation of each provider and employee's work schedule for a single day. 

To open the graph:

  • In the Appointments module, Employee or Provider tab, double click anywhere to open the Edit Day window, then click the Graph tab.
  • In the main menu, click Setup, Schedules, double click a day, then click the Graph tab.

The graph is divided into 15 minute time segments.  A vertical bar indicates the current time.  Click the arrows in the upper left to move forward or back one day.

Clinic: Is using Clinics, select the clinic's schedule to view.

Sort: Sort the chart by start time, stop time, or employee/provider name. 

Filter: Select what should appear in the chart. 

  • Notes: Display any Practice or Clinic notes. These will appear first.
  • Providers:  Display all scheduled Providers. These will appear second in the list, as a group.
  • Employees: Display all scheduled Employees.  Employees are identified by name, and any notes entered in their time block show.

Scale:  Select the start and end hour to display. 

  • 0 = 12:00 AM 
  • 24 = 12:00 PM

To add or enter time block, holiday, or notes, use the panel on the right. See Entering Provider and Employee Time Blocks.

If you Delete from the Graph tab, the entire day's schedule will be deleted.


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