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Schedule Setup 

Schedule setup lets you manage all Provider and Employee schedules. You can define individual work hours, holidays, lunch hours and staff meetings.  Once schedules are set up, open/closed hours will be indicated in the Appointment module with the background colors set in Definitions, Appointment Colors. There is no concept of "default" schedules, because you can define any kind of rotating or alternating schedule you want.

To view the schedule, in the Main Menu, click Setup, Schedules.

Each day is represented by one cell, and today's date and schedule is flagged in red text. As you enter schedules, each cell will reflect the changes/additions. If using Clinics, the schedule for the selected clinic shows.

Filter Options:  The following options can be used to control what shows in the schedule grid. If you change options, click Refresh to update.

  • Clinic: If using Clinics, select which clinic's schedule to show.  This will also determine who lists in the Employee list (only employees associated with the clinic).  If you change the clinic, the schedule will instantly refresh.  If a clinic is selected in the Main Menu, it will be the default. If the logged-on user is restricted to a clinic, only the schedule of the associated clinic can be viewed and edited. 
  • From/To Dates: The date range displayed.
  • Show Practice Notes: Show notes entered on the Edit Day window. 
  • Providers/Employees: Highlight the providers/employees whose schedule shows in the grid.  Or select the providers/employees who will be affected when you change a schedule.  For example, when you click Clear Week, only the schedules of selected providers/employees will be affected. 
    • Click and drag to select multiple. Ctrl+click to deselect. The number of selected providers/employees shows in parentheses on the tab.
    • If using Clinics, only employees assigned to the selected clinic will list.
  • Show Weekends: Check this box to show Sunday and Saturday schedules. If weekends are hidden, then changes you make will not apply to weekends.

Clear Week:  Delete all schedule entries, for the selected provider/employees, for the selected week.
To clear multiple weeks, you can also go to a blank week, copy it, then repeat it. Make sure the Replace Existing box is checked. (for example repeat it for 20 weeks to clear 20 weeks.)

Copy/Paste:  Once you set a day or week's schedule, copy, paste, or repeat it to fill in the schedule.  See Set the Schedule.

Print:  Print the entire schedule.


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