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Send Secure WebMails to a Patient

Any user can compose a secure WebMail, but only a provider can send a WebMail. To set up WebMail, Set up the Patient Portal.

Patient must have the following entered on the Edit Patient Information window before a WebMail can be sent:

  • Email address
  • Primary Provider
  1. Select the patient or their Authorized Representative.
  2. In the main Toolbar click WebMail. 

  1. Regarding Patient: Verify who the message is about. Click the dropdown to select a different family member.
  2. From: Verify the From provider. By default it is the patient's primary provider. Click [...] to change.
  3. Enter a Subject and a Message (required). 
  4. To include an attachment (e.g. a Clinical Summary), click Attach. You will be prompted to locate and select the file.
    • If images and documents are stored in a local or network folder (see Data Paths), a list of all images in the selected patient's A to Z folder on the local or network folder will display first. Locate the file and click Open to select it.
    • If images and documents are stored in Dropbox, a Select Files window will open listing all images in the selected patient's Dropbox A to Z folder.

    Double click a file to select it, or highlight it and click OK.
    Click the right arrow to refresh the list.
    Click Preview to view a selected file on-screen.
    Click Select Local File to search for the file on the local drive.

  5. Click Send. If the From provider is logged-on to Open Dental, the message will be sent.
    If another user is logged-on, the provider's password is required. Enter the password, then click OK.

Once sent, the secure message is sent to the patient portal and an email notification is sent to the patient.

Preview Messages
To preview the email notification (insecure) and the secure WebMail, click the Preview Button on the WebMail Message Edit window.


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