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Main Toolbar 

There is a common toolbar at the top of the Open Dental regardless of which Module you are in.

Select Patient: Select patients or create new patient records.

Commlog: A general purpose log of all patient communications.

Email: Click the main button to send an email to the patient. Click the dropdown to send an email to a Referral.

WebMail: Send Secure Web Mail.

Text Messages: Click the main button to send a text message to the selected patient. If using Integrated Texting, click the dropdown to open the Text Messaging inbox and view received and/or sent messages. This button is only enabled if text messaging is enabled.

Letter: Click the main button to create a Patient Letter. Click the dropdown to create a Referral Letter or to Merge Letters.

Forms: View, add, or edit electronic patient forms.

Tasks: Send a task about the current patient to a specific task list. Total number of new tasks show as a notification in orange. Click the dropdown to view new tasks for the logged-on user, including task lists the user is subscribed to and Task Reminders.

Label: Click the main button to create a patient mailing label. Click the dropdown to select other label formats, labels for insurance Carriers, and labels for Referrals.

Popups: Set up automatic messages that pop up every time you open a patient's record.


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