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Sheets: Output Text Fields

Output Text fields are a type of Sheet Field that pulls information from the database when Filling Out the Form. For example, a time/date output field will auto-populate with the current date or a PracticeTitle field will populate with the practice name. If the sheet type is previewed prior to printing, you can edit output text on the generated form.

On the Edit Sheet Def window, click OutputText.

Field Name: A list of available output fields for the sheet type.

For a list of all output text fields and their definitions, see Output Text Fields Descriptions.

Font: These properties affect the appearance of the text.

  • Name: We recommend using common fonts (e.g. Times New Roman, Arial, Courier) and testing sheets on a browser and device you plan to support.  Font support is dependent on the browser used to view the web form. If a browser doesn't support a font, a different font will be substituted and this can affect layout of the sheet. 
  • Size: Font point size.
  • Bold (checked) or not bold (unchecked).
  • Color: Single click the color block to Select Text Color
  • Align: The position of text within the field (right, left, center).

Growth Behavior: This attribute can be set when it is not known ahead of time how large the output text will be. Setting the growth behavior causes a field to grow bigger; it will never cause a field to shrink. Click the dropdown to select an option:

  • None: No growth behavior.
  • Down Local: Typically used for the address because it is not known ahead of time if it will span one or two lines. If the field grows to two lines, the fields immediately below are bumped down (like CityStateZip).
  • Down Global: Useful for table style data and letter bodies. Bumps down all fields on the entire sheet that are below the field that's growing.

X/Y Pos: Determines the placement of the upper left corner of the output field in relation to the x and y axis. X = horizontal, Y = vertical.
Width: The width of the output field. If the text output exceeds the width, information will span multiple lines.
Height: The height of the output field. If font size is large, the height may need adjusted so all text is visible.


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