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Sheets:  ScreenChart

ScreenCharts are Sheet Elements that can be added when Customizing a Public Health Screening Form. There are two tooth charts available. Each chart shows posterior teeth and can be set to show permanent or primary teeth.

  • ChartSealantTreatment: To mark current tooth status including treatment needed.
  • ChartSealantComplete: To mark sealants that are complete.

Click ScreenChart to immediately insert a tooth chart in a sheet.

  • If no screen charts are currently on the sheet, ChartSealantComplete will insert first.
  • If ChartSealantComplete is already on the sheet, ChartSealantTreatment chart will insert, and vice versa.
  • Only two charts are allowed per sheet.

Permanent vs primary teeth: Double click on a chart to set teeth as primary or permanent. Click a radio button, then OK to save.

Note: Only sealants marked on permanent teeth will automatically add a matching procedure code to the patient's chart.

How Screening Forms Work
When using a custom screening form that has a tooth chart, users can click on a tooth or tooth surface to select a code that represents tooth status or needed treatment. There are six code options and they are described in the Code legend on the internal screening sheet:

  • S = Seal
  • PS = Previously Sealed/Intact
  • C = Caries
  • F = Filled
  • NFE = Not Fully Erupted
  • NN = Not Needed
  • None = remove a previously marked code.

Teeth 2, 3, 14, 15, 31, 30, 19, and 18 allow a code per surface. You can mark a single surface or all.
When sealant procedures are marked on permanent teeth, a matching sealant procedure (D1351) is added to the patient's chart. Status of the procedure (treatment planned or complete) depends on which tooth chart the code is marked on. Surface information will be associated with the procedure, but not sent with claims.

See Screening Patients using a Custom Form for more information.

Below is what the tooth charts look like on generated custom screening form. 'S' indicates teeth or tooth surfaces where a sealant code has been marked.


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