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This is the main list of supplies used by the practice.  Supplies must be entered before they can be Ordered.

In the Supply Inventory window, click Supplies.

This is a list of all supplies that have been entered.  By default, supplies are listed alphabetically; first by category, then by description. Any supply field can also be searched. 

  • Add: Select a supplier from the dropdown, then click Add.
  • Show Shopping List: Check to view supplies that have lower on hand quantity than stock quantity.
  • Show Hidden: Check to view supplies marked hidden.
  • Search: Enter the criteria. The list will update as you type.  
  • Supplier: Click the dropdown to filter by supplier. 
  • Reorder: Highlight a supply, then click the up or down arrow. While in this mode, searching is disabled. 

Double click on a supply to edit. 

  • Category:  Select the category the supply will be sorted under.  Categories are user-defined in Definitions.
  • Catalog Item Number:  Enter the catalog number.
  • Description:  Enter a readable description and include the quantity per unit.
  • Level Desired:  Enter how many units are normally kept in stock.  This value appears in the StockQty column on the main supply list.
  • Level on Hand: Enter how many units are in stock. This value appears in the OnHandQty column on the main supply list.
  • Price:  Enter the cost of the item.
  • Hidden: Mark a supply as hidden so it no longer appears in the supplies list. 

Supplies that have been placed in an order cannot be deleted.


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