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Signing Treatment Plans

Saved Treatment Plans plans can be electronically signed using a stylus (Windows Tablet PC) or a Topaz signature pad. See Electronic Signatures for a description of signature options.

  1. In the Treatment Plan module, highlight a saved treatment plan, then click Sign TP.

  1. In the signature box at the bottom of the window, sign the treatment plan.
    Click to sign using a Topaz signature pad.
    Click to clear a signature.
  2. Click OK to save.

To customize the layout of treatment plans, see Customize Treatment Plans using Sheets.

The signature will show when you Print the treatment plan. 

Sometimes multiple providers need to sign a treatment plan, as in the case of a resident.  One solution is for the first provider to make notes and enter their name.  The second provider can then sign the treatment plan to approve the note.  Notes can be entered on the Edit Treatment Plan window. 


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