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Waiting Room

In the Appointments module, you can track patients who have arrived today using the Waiting Room. It shows in the lower right of the Appointments module.  Patients who list in the waiting room have a Time Arrived, but not a Time Seated entry on the Edit Appointment window.

Automated entries for Time Arrived and Time Seated are triggered by confirmation status. The default Time Arrived trigger is ‘Arrived’, the default Time Seated trigger is 'In Treatment Room'. You can change the triggers in Appointment Module Preferences.

How it works

  1. When the patient arrives, open their account in the Appointments module.
  2. On the right, click the confirmation status abbreviation that triggers a Time Arrived entry (e.g. Arrived).

  3. The patient will list in the Waiting Room.
  4. When patient is seated, select the status that triggers Time Seated ( e.g. In Room). The patient will no longer show in the waiting room.

Additional Options:

  • Use text color to flag patients whose wait time exceeds a certain value. Set the color and wait time in Appointment Module Preferences: Waiting Room alert time in minutes, Waiting room alert color.
  • Only show patients in the waiting room if their appointment is scheduled in an operatory that shows in the current appointment view. Turn this preference on in Appointment Module Preferences.

Waiting Room and Clinics
If using Clinics, the patients that show in the waiting room are based on the clinic selected in the Main Menu, Clinics. If Headquarters is the clinic, all patients waiting for all clinics will show.

If you accidentally select a confirmation status that inserts a Time Seated entry but want the patient to remain in the waiting room, double click the appointment and remove the Time Seated value.

Refresh Time:  There is an option in Appointment Module Preferences for Refresh every 60 seconds. This option keeps waiting room times refreshed. 


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