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Appointments Module 

The Appointments module is the heart of the dental practice. From here you can see the appointments for the day or week at a glance, and easily manage and schedule appointments.

Also see Appointments Table of Contents and Webinars.

The Appointment Schedule
The Appointment schedule shows the schedule for the current day or week. Change the day/week using the calendar.

Day or Week view: Set using the radio buttons under the calendar. Set a default in Appointment Module Preferences.

  • Day: Grid will be divided into Operatories.
  • Week: Grid will be divided into seven days (Monday through Sunday). The appointments will appear narrow, so hovering over the appointment to view bubble popups may be useful (See Appointment Module Preferences). Move appointments within the current week by dragging and dropping, or use the Pinboard.

View: The Appointment View determines the operatories and providers that show in the schedule and the information that shows in an appointment. It also determines the default start time when Open Dental is first opened.

  • Click the dropdown to change views or press an associated Function keys across the top of your keyboard.
  • The default appointment view when a user logs on will be the same view active when the user last logged out.

If using Clinics: Appointment views are associated with specific clinics, thus changing the clinic in the main menu will change the appointment view options and the appointment view. The default view when a user logs on is based on several settings.

Time: Use the vertical scrollbar to move through the entire 24 hour day. Time increment of the schedule is a global setting. See Setting the Time Increment.

  • The default start time is determined by the selected Appointment View. It can be a set time or dynamically start at the earliest appointment or provider time.
  • Current time is indicated by a horizontal time line that automatically moves down the schedule every minute. Customize the line color in Appointment Module Preferences. 
  • Vertical Time Bars show as color-coded visuals of appointment length and provider time.

Operatories: Define operatory names, colors, and order in Operatory Setup.

  • Click on a operatory header to view the default provider's name and specialty, the name of scheduled providers, their time blocks, and schedule note, and any schedule note for the selected clinic.
  • Right click on an open time block in the operatory to add, edit, or clear Blockouts.
  • Right click on an open time block in the operatory to run the Update Provs on Future Appts tool. This tool will update the providers on future appointments to the operatory's providers. Useful when operatory providers have been changed.

Colors: By default, white areas indicate “open” times, gray indicates "closed" times, as setup in Schedules. To change colors (open/close times, provider colors, notifications, etc.) see Customize the Appointment Schedule

Appointments: Basic appointment details show in an appointment box. Double click the box to open the Edit Appointment window or right click to select more options. Every appointment has a second optional provider for hygiene so that only one appointment has to be made even if a patient is technically seeing two providers.

  • Depending on your Preferences, appointment details may pop up when you hover over the appointment. To customize the appointment bubble, see Display Fields.
  • As appointments are Set Complete, they are grayed out by default.
  • Broken appointments are marked with an X.
  • To move an appointment, simply click and drag it to a different time, day (in Weekly view), or to the Pinboard.

Right-click options:

  • Copy to Pinboard: Copy the appointment to the Pinboard.
  • Send the appointment to the Unscheduled List.
  • Break Appointment
  • Mark as ASAP: Mark the appointment as ASAP and add it to the ASAP List.
  • Set Complete
  • Delete
  • Other Appointments: View all appointments for the selected patient and family members.
  • Print Label: Print a single appointment reminder Label.
  • Print Card/Print Card for Entire Family: Print an appointment reminder postcard for a single patient or family.
  • Routing Slip.
  • Go To Ortho Chart: Open the Ortho Chart for the selected patient. Only shows when information exists in the Ortho Chart or this option is enabled in Ortho Setup. Customize the text that shows in Ortho Chart Setup.
  • Call Home Phone: Click to call the home phone for the selected patient. Requires an additional service. See DentalTek Bridge.
  • Call Wireless Phone: Click to call the wireless phone for the selected patient. Requires an additional service. See DentalTek Bridge.
  • Send Text: Send a Text Message. Opens a blank text message window.
  • Send Confirmation Text: Send a text message using the default confirmation message. Set default in Recall and Confirmation List Defaults.

Three clickable icons show above the calendar. 

Appointment Lists:View the Recall List, Confirmation List, Planned Tracker, Unscheduled List, ASAP List, CPOE Radiology Order List (EHR), and Insurance Verification List.

Print Appointments: Print a list of appointments that you can post in areas where you do not have monitors. The current setting for Day or Week view will determine if a daily or weekly list is printed.

  • Start/Stop Time: Enter specific times to include in the list.
  • Operatories per page: Directly affect how many pages will print. More operatories per page will result in less printed pages.
  • Font Size: Affects how many pages will print.

Print Routing Slips: Print routing slips for appointments on the schedule for the selected day. Not available if Headquarters is the selected clinic, or if Week view is selected.

  • All for Day: Print all routing slips for the selected day and clinic.
  • Current View Only: Print routing slips for the selected appointment view.

Click Save to save your settings for the next time you print. Click Preview to view a sample of the page prior to printing. Click OK to print.
Time increments and rows per increment set in Appointment Views can affect printing. If too many pages are still printing, increase the time increment or set the rows per increment to one.

Rapid Call: Launch the Rapid Call application if the Rapid Call Bridge is enabled. Opens the DentalTek Rapid Call website if the bridge is not enabled.

The day or week currently selected lists above the calendar. Today's date is surrounded by a square. Click on a date to quickly jump to the day/week in the schedule.

  • Change the day: Click on the new date, or click the blue arrows to jump back/forward one day.
  • Change the week: Click the blue W arrows to jump back/forward one week.
  • Change the month: Click the arrows to the left/right of the month to jump back/forward one month at a time, or click the blue M arrows below the calendar.
  • Change the year: Single click on the month header (e.g. September 2013), then single click on the year to show a 12 year grid.
  • Today: Jump to today's date.

Pinboard and Searching for Openings
The Pinboard can be used for easy scheduling between days or weeks. Drag or send appointments to the Pinboard, then drag onto the schedule. You can also search for openings.

Other Information
Lab Cases: Indicates the status of lab cases for the selected date. If using clinics, only the status of lab cases attached to appointments scheduled in the selected clinic's operatories, for the selected date will show. If Headquarters is the selected clinic, the status of all lab cases attached to appointments scheduled in all operatories for the selected date is shown (including those not associated with a clinic). See Dental Lab Cases.

Daily Prod: View the Daily Production Sum. 'Production' must be added to the appointment view in order to view a value.

  • By default, the value reflects the daily production sum for all procedures attached to appointments for providers whose bars show in the appointment view. To instead calculate the sum for all procedures scheduled in operatories that show in the appointment view, check 'Appointment module production use operatories' in Appointment Module Preferences.
  • To also calculate adjustments in the net production total, see Appointment Module Preferences, 'Add daily adjustments to net production'.
  • If the gross and net amounts are the same, only one number shows. 
  • If you see two numbers, the first number is the gross (sum) of the procedure fees. The second number is the net after subtracting all writeoffs and writeoff estimates.
  • Writeoffs will be used when viewing dates in the past; estimates will be used when viewing current or future dates.

Action Buttons: Show to the left of the Confirmation Status list. Quickly send an appointment to the Unscheduled List, Break it, set it Complete, or Delete it.

Confirmation Status: Quickly change an appointment's confirmation status. The option is grayed out if the user does not have the ApptConfirmStatusEdit Permission. Some statuses trigger Time Arrived, Time Seated, and Time Dismissed values, which affect the Waiting Room. Status options can be customized in Definitions, Appt Confirmed.

Appointment Buttons
Make Appt: Schedule an appointment.

  • If this is an appointment for a new patient, or the patient has only completed appointments, the Edit Appointment window will display.
  • If the patient has scheduled, broken, unscheduled, or planned appointments, the Appointments for [patient name] window will display.

Make Recall: Schedule the patient's next Recall appointment. Patient must be due for a 'special' Recall Type, meaning a 'special' trigger procedure has been completed. Otherwise, a message will indicate no recall is due.

  • If the patient has a scheduled appointment, or an appointment on the Unscheduled List, the Appointments for [patient name] window opens so you can check appointment history before scheduling. Otherwise the appointment is copied to the Pinboard.
  • When copied to the Pinboard, if the treating Provider is Scheduled in an operatory, and if in Day view, the calendar will jump to the recall due date or the next date that has an availability for the appointment length. It does not automatically search for availability if in Week view.
  • Custom recalls that are not a 'special' recall type cannot be scheduled using Make Recall, UNLESS the patient is also due for a 'special' recall type. If so, then Make Recall will schedule one recall appointment for all recalls due. If the patient is only due for a custom recall type, click Make Appt to schedule.

Fam Recall: Schedule recall appointments for all family members. Similar behavior as Make Recall.
View Pat Appts: View the patient's appointment history and family recall information on the Appointments for [patient name] window.

Waiting Room Tab
See Waiting Room.

Employee/Provider Tabs
View scheduled hours for employees and providers for the selected day. Only employees and providers scheduled in the selected clinic are listed. Double click anywhere in the grid to edit the schedule. See Edit Day Window.

Reminders Tab
The Reminders tab shows all Task Reminders for the logged on user that are due for the current day, ordered by date and time. Reminders will only show here through the end of the current day. An asterisk appears in the reminders tab when there are reminders for the current day.


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