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Web Sched ASAP - What the Patient Sees

Below is a description of what the patient will see when they receive a Web Sched ASAP notification.

  1. Patient receives email or text messages about an available opening:

  1. Patient clicks link to open Web Sched ASAP.

If more than one Web Sched ASAP notification has been sent to the patient, there will be multiple appointment time options.

  1. Patient has the option to accept or decline the appointment (s).

    Accept: Patient selects Date, appointment time, then clicks Accept. A message will indicate that the appointment has successfully moved.

    Decline: Patient clicks Decline. They can also opt out of future ASAP notifications for this appointment by checking 'Do not notify me about openings for this appointment'.

In Open Dental

  • The rescheduled appointment instantly shows in the Appointment schedule and the appointment is no longer marked 'ASAP'.
  • Web Sched ASAP blockouts will remain on the schedule indefinitely.


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